Family Promise of Bryan County

Family Promise is a local program focused on helping homeless and low-income families. Through networking with area businesses, volunteers, and donations, their goal is to help every family build a better future. Please fill out the form below and submit if you are interested in learning more or would like to help out with this wonderful program.

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Our Opportunity:

Periodically throughout the year, New Beginnings partners with Richmond Hill Presbyterian Church and St Anne's Catholic Church to assist Family Promise.  

For one week, the families reside at the Presbyterian Church Manse on Belfast Keller road. The service to these families in broken down into three main areas:

    Dinner Preparation: Volunteers provide a meal for the families and hosts. This meal feeds, on average, 4-5 adults and 4-6 children. Volunteers can provide anything for the meal and the list of allergies or specific comments is provided beforehand so appropriate plans can be made. While there is a kitchen at the Manse, the meal is usually prepared at the volunteer's home and delivered to the Manse that evening. Child friendly meals are encouraged.

    Evening Hosts: Volunteers have supper and spend the evening with the families. Hosts often providing assistance with homework, play outside with the kids, read a book, watch some TV, and clean up after the meal. It's common for the dinner providers to stay through the meal and perform evening host services.

    Overnight Hosts: Volunteers sleep overnight at the Manse and help the families stay on schedule. Single beds are provided for guests (preferably two women or one man and one woman) but we bring our own pillow and linen (or sleeping bag). Usually arriving at 7:45-8:00 pm, the overnight host ensures the families are up by 6am and everyone is usually gone by 7am.


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